Feng Shui The Roleplaying Game

This is not about the ancient Chinese art of geomancy. If that's what you're looking for, you'll want to search elsewhere.

But if you're here for two-fisted, both-guns-blazing roleplaying action, then you've come to the right place. The Feng Shui RPG is about kicking ass and looking cool. Players are plunged into the heart of the secret war, a centuries-old struggle to determine the fate of reality. They'll travel through time to take on evil sorcerers, kung-fu masters, and high-tech nightmares. Quick to learn and easy to play, Feng Shui is the game of cinematic heroes and Hong Kong movie style action.

Playing Feng Shui

What is the Feng Shui RPG?
Are you new to the secret war? Learn about the basics of the game. You'll find out what it's all about and why you might want to try it yourself.
Playing Feng Shui
A few helpful hints on playing Feng Shui for new players and GMs alike.

Campaigns and Settings

Inject Feng Shui into the dark future with these conversions by Patrick O' Duffy for the Cyberpunk RPG.
Paranormal Feng Shui
The Secret War just got stranger: real-world (or Netherworld?) feng shui sites, secret government experiments, and those tabloid favorites, the Men in Black.
A city of myth and legend for your Feng Shui campaign. Includes a new archetype, the tattooed warrior-monk, and rules for magical tattoos.
Strange Highways
Take the battle for reality onto the open road with these rules for highway feng shui sites, car combat, story ideas for the open road, and new archetypes by Chris Willrich.

Characters and Mooks

Johnny Keys and the Swing Killers
The coolest secret warriors this side of the Netherworld. Includes the Path of Fortune's Fool, a path based on Chi and Fortune instead of Chi and Fu.
Rogues Gallery
A selection of homemade characters.
Rogues Gallery — Dark Age
Feng Shui characters inspired by the Dark Age CCG.

House Rules

New character archetypes, and variations on old ones.
Gators, tigers, and bears… The kind that walk on all fours.
Four Monarchs Schticks
Mooks, magic, and other good stuff to spice up the Four Monarchs in your campaign.
Modern and 1850's guns converted to Feng Shui. You can never have enough guns.
It's Abominable!
Ten new Arcanowave schticks for the GQ monster hunter to sport around town, by Brian Rogers.
Melee Weapon Schticks
Weapon schticks for hand to hand combat. Bryant Durrel's had this article online for a long time. Now you can find it here as well.
Miscellaneous homebrew rules, mostly by Colin Chapman.
A catch-all page for new gun, fu, and other schticks.