“Mister Chase! Step away from the trademark and put your hands in the air!”

I am not a lawyer. Most of these copyright notices were taken directly from the holders' web sites. (Can you copyright a copyright notice?)

Inspiration for this effort goes to Stefan Vincent, whose Legal Stuff page is a shining example of The Right Way for anyone building a fan site.

Source Material

The use of these trademarks here is without permission, unless otherwise noted, and does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of those properties.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is published by Trident, Inc. d/b/a Atlas Games.

Feng Shui and the world of Shadowfist are trademark and copyright ©1995-2003 Robin D. Laws.


Shadowfist, Netherworld, Flashpoint, Combat in Kowloon, Year of the Dragon, and Throne War are trademarks of Z-Man Games, Inc.,

The trading card game, Shadowfist, is copyright ©1995-2004 by Z-Man Games, Inc.

The Shadowfist Trading Card Game is copyright ©1999-2004 Z-Man Games, Inc., distributed under license from Loch Ness Games, Inc.

The Shadowfist card back (interlocking woven design) and card front (including font, card text background, and chosen color design) is owned by Jesper Myrfors.

Specific Permissions

Wednesday 7 April 2004 (email)
Atlas Games granted permission to use the Atlas Games Feng Shui cover art and the Atlas Games Feng Shui logo (not the Deadalus-era dragons and banner logo).
Friday 9 April 2004 (email)
Z-Man Games granted permission to use the Shadowfist “Fist” logo. Also gave permission to use the faction and resource symbols, provided I do not sell anything from the site.


The Fortress of Shadow is a collection of works by many contributors, who are given authorship credit on the pages where their material appears. All contributions to this site are copyright their original authors.

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