Feng Shui Adventures

Darker Tomorrow, A
A Feng Shui adventure from Tun Kai Poh that pits the players against a fiendish plot by the Architects of the Flesh to take over Hong Kong.
Death on the Streets
A modern-day adventure by Gerry Saracco that's ideal for new characters.
Heart of Darkness
A short adventure for Feng Shui. The PCs embark on a trip down the Amazon to retrieve an ancient artifact. Needless to say, it won't be easy. Ideal for a one-night game.
Kowloon Ripper and the House of Books, The
An adventure by Dave P. Blewer which pits the players against the Lotus, the Ascended, and a homicidal maniac with supernatural powers.
Last Man Standing
A one-shot adventure that pits the players against the Ascended, the Architects, and the Lotus in an abandoned ghost town for the possession of an ancient map.
MacTime Trouble
An adventure by Thunk set in 1850's San Francisco that pits the players against the Lotus and the Jammers, with the fate of the worlds most famous fast food joint hanging in the balance.
Pecking Order
A tournament module written by Scott Beattie which pits an eclectic cast of player characters against an evil sorceress, her demonic minions, and a chicken. No, really.
Somewhen in Time
Another adventure by Gerry Saracco. This one pits the players against immortal warriors, monster hunters, demons, and the forces of the Lotus.