Last Man Standing

By David Eber

The Jade Blossom teahouse rested deep within the heart of Chinatown, inconspicuous between lighted yellow signs with red Chinese lettering and green-tiled canopies done in a pagoda mock-up. The inside was a dark warren of quiet conversations, pungent with the scent of exotic tea leaves.

Lost among the clouds of hot steam rising from even hotter kettles was an old Chinese man, indistiguishable from the rest of the patrons but for his grey beard and shabby raincoat. The dim electric lights flickered across his face as if they were candles on a windy evening. Four men approached him where he sat, long tendrils of smoke curling serenely from a long pipe held to his lips.

“Welcome, my friends. It is good to see you again.” He gestured with his hands. “Please, sit down. We have much to discuss, and precious little time. It seems that we are in need of your services once again…”

The Premise
The PCs have to recover a lost map from the 1850s that shows the locations of key Feng Shui sites all over the American Southwest.
The Twist
The other factions have found out about the map, and are determined to get it for themselves.
The Climax
The PCs battle it out with the Ascended, the Architects, and the Lotus in an abandoned ghost town.


In the 1850's juncture the Ascended spurred on westward expansion among the American people as a means of seizing key feng shui sites across the continent. With most of the action in the secret war taking place in China, the Ascended were able to act virtually unchecked by the other factions. Naturally, few people were aware of what was really going on, but among the Native Americans a few of the wise old ones knew the truth. One such man was William Redfeather, an Indian shaman — and a Dragon sympathizer. Redfeather knew that there was no way he could save the remaining Feng Shui sites from the Ascended. Instead, he made a carefully detailed map of the major feng shui sites of the southwest, and then hid it in a secret place. He then sent a letter in his native language to his contact among the Dragons and left instructions that it be delivered to his descendants in the future. That was the last anyone ever heard of him.

William Redfeather was wise in knowing when his time was up. The Ascended in 1850 were onto him by the time he made the map. They learned that he sent a message to the Dragons, but they don't know what it contained. As a result, they've directed Jack Marko, a Lodge member who oversees the area, to gather his forces quickly and keep an eye out for unusual activity in the area. However, the Ascended aren't the only ones interested in the situation. The Architects got wind of things developing and have responded by sending their own covert task force to evaluate the situation. Meanwhile, the Lotus too have heard rumors of something big developing, and so they have recruited a local sorcerer to be their agent. The irony of the situation is that none of the factions really know what is going on. As a result, all three have sent representatives to the area, thus reinforcing the idea between each other that something big is happening. Only the PCs actually know what the real deal is, but they don't know that their enemies have all gathered to oppose them.

About This Adventure

Last Man Standing is a short adventure designed to be played in one session with a group of 3-5 characters. This scenario assumes that the players are all familiar with the secret war, and that they are all affiliated with the Dragons. It also assumes that the characters have some experience and are thus a bit better than the average starting character. If you want to use new characters, you should encourage your players to use specifically combat-oriented archetypes, such as the Killer, Maverick Cop, or Martial Artist. You can also make James Redfeather a bit tougher to compensate for a weaker party. You can, of course, adjust the difficulty of this adventure to your taste. Essentially, this scenario consists of a brief build-up to a big battle. You can insert additional action scenes if you want to lengthen the adventure, but you are also just as free to eliminate earlier scenes if you want to directly cut to the chase. Running the climax may prove a bit of a challenge, as you will not only have to deal with the players but most likely also three different named GMC's and their mooks. Having run this myself, my advice is to get an assistant GM (if possible) to run some of the bad guys (this may be ideal if you have too many players). At the very least you should designate one of the players as a shot-keeper and/or have all the mooks act on the same shots.

GMC Notes

What follows are notes on the major GMC's the PCs will encounter and their unnamed mook followers.

James Redfeather Magic Cop

“There is much more to the world than we can see, but that doesn't necessarily mean I believe your story.”

Bod 7, Chi=2 (Mag=8), Mnd 7, Ref 7.
Guns 13, Info/Native American religion 13, Sorcery 12, Martial Arts 12, Info/Southwest 10, Info/Native American language 10, Police 10, Driving 9.
Sorcery Schticks
Summoning, Heal.
Gun Schticks
Lightning Reload ×2.
Colt Detective Special (9/1/6), Remington 870 (13/5/7), Survival Knife (9).

James Redfeather is the latest in a long line of Redfeathers to maintain the old customs and the old ways. A direct descendent of William, James is both a shaman and a detective with the Las Cruces police department. Stories relating to the secret war have been passed down through his family from generation to generation, though they've long since passed from the realm of fact into legend. James treats them just as that — legends and folk tales — but this background means that he won't dismiss the PCs out of hand when they approach him. He's learned enough and seen enough to know that there's more to the world than meets the eye, and so he's more open-minded than most. James is a full-blooded Native American in his mid-30's, with brown skin, handsome features, and an athletic build. His dress is a mixture of modern street clothes and traditional Native American wear, as befits his status as a shaman.

Jack Marko Transformed Snake

“I'm a generous man, but not a forgiving one. Don't let push come to shove here. I guarantee you'll regret it.”

Bod 7, Chi 7 (For 2), Mnd 7, Ref 8.
Martial Arts 16, Guns 15, Info/Smuggling 14, Info/Underworld 14, Info/Southwest 10, Driving 10.
Transformed Animal Schticks
Coil, Shed Skin, Strike, Warning ×2.
Gun Schticks
Both Guns Blazing ×3, Lightning Reload ×2, Hair-Trigger Neck Hairs.
2× Ingram Mac 10 submachinegun (11/3/32), Desert Eagle .357 Magnum (11/3/10+1), Survival Knife (9).

Jack Marko is a smuggler and arms dealer operating on the border of Mexico and the U.S. He's also a junior Lodge member and responsible for keeping an eye on things in this area. He has contacts and is owed favors all over the southwest on both sides of the law. Jack stands over six feet tall, with a tanned, muscular body, piercing black eyes, a hawk's nose, and long silver hair which he keeps pulled back in a pony tail. In conversation he seems relaxed and friendly, but he has a heart of stone and the smile of a wolf. He normally wears casual but expensive clothing while doing business, but in the field he prefers a black leather snakeskin vest, dark glasses, and motorcycle boots. A long snake tattoo curls around his left shoulderblade and down his back.

The Reapers (40)

“Time to have some fun man!”

Bod 7, Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 6.
Guns 7, Martial Arts 7, Driving 8.
Mac 10 (11/3/32), Colt 1911A (10/2/7+1), Knife, Club, Chain, etc. (9).

The Reapers are a biker gang operating out of the Southwest. They deal in a wide variety of illegal activities, especially drug smuggling. Marko used to ride with their forbearers in his younger and wilder days, and he commands their respect now. They've worked for him in the past, and he's recruited them for this operation because they were the best thing available on short notice.

Major Edward Brucher BuroMil Task Force Commander

“This is not a negotiation. Either give me the map, or you will be destroyed.”

Bod 8, Chi 0 (Mag 6), Mnd 6, Ref 5.
Guns 15, Martial Arts 14, Arcanowave Devices 13, Leadership 12, Driving 10.
Arcanowave Schticks
Robot Arm (Str 12), Juicer, Slap Patch, Agony Grenade (12 pts).
Gun Schticks
Carnival of Carnage ×2.
Buro Avenger (11/2/6), Buro Blade of Truth (10/3/30).

Major Brucher is the commanding officer in charge of the BuroMil task force assigned to this mission. He is a man of little imagination or personality, but he is a skilled and able tactician and leader who responds quickly to changes on the battlefield. He never loses his cool or questions his orders, and he specializes in small-unit tactical situations. In short, he is an ideal Buro Officer. This, and his years of solid experience, is the reason he was chosen to lead this mission. Brucher is in his mid-40's and of average height, with close-cropped salt-and-pepper hair, broad shoulders, thick arms and legs, and a barrel chest. When in the field he wears the typical grey BuroMil officer's uniform, including gloves to hide the true nature of his left arm.

BuroMil Agents (40)

“Watch your step, buddy.”

Bod 6, Chi 0, Mnd 5, Ref 6.
Guns 8, Martial Arts 7, Driving 7.
Buro Blue Flag (13*/4/30), Buro 9 (10/1/17+1).

These operatives of the Buro have been specially trained to operate covertly in the modern juncture. Although not elite troops, they are a cut above the average BuroMil Grunt. Curiously enough, the operatives dress in outdated “G-Man” suits of the 40's and tend to speak in movie clichés, largely the result of dubious training and indoctrination from Buro Intelligence.

Jakob Young Sorcerer

“Like yourselves, I am a traveler of both time and space.”

Bod 4, Chi 2 (Mag 8), Mnd 8, Ref 8.
Sorcery 15, Info/Occult 14, Info/World Cultures 13, Intrusion 12, Info/Southwest 10.
Sorcery Schticks
Blast (10) (Fire, Lightning, Disease), Weather, Influence, Summoning, Divination.

Jakob Young began his career in the late 60's as a graduate student and sort of counter-culture guru. His far-ranging travels across the world exposed him to a wide variety of occult practices and mind-altering drugs. Jakob had a natural affinity for sorcery, and thus was able to actually able to acquire some real power. However, his lifestyle took a severe toll on his psyche, and with each passing year he became leaner, meaner, and crazier. As the Lotus made forays into the modern juncture they found in Jakob the ideal operative. They offered to further his magical knowledge, and in return they gained an agent native to the juncture. Jakob looks like a homeless person (which, in fact, he is) in his dirty black frock coat, John Lennon glasses, and ratty, shoulder-length grey hair. He is in his early 50's and his teeth are yellow and his face long and scraggly. He is badly in need of a bath.

Getting Started

The players will be contacted by the Dragons (either by their usual contact, if they have one, or by someone of your choosing) and filled in on the bare bones of the story. In short, they will be asked to find James Redfeather and deliver the letter and have him translate it. Of course, the players should figure out that they should get Redfeather to go with them after the map themselves (and if they don't, try to drop a few hints in that direction). The first part is no problem; the contact already knows where he is. He (or she) can also tell the players that Redfeather is a cop and a practicing shaman, but that's about it. Their contact should stress the seriousness of this mission: William Redfeather was a respected ally, and he wouldn't have done this if he didn't believe it was important. Now it's up to the players to find his descendent and convince him to help.

Scene One: The Diner

James Redfeather is a police detective in the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico (about 45 milesnorthwest of El Paso). How he reacts to the PCs depends, of course, on how they behave. If they burst out with secret war stories right off the bat, he'll just dismiss them as kooks. However, mention of William Redfeather will get his attention. Mentioning that they have something of his will get him to meet with them. He'll suggest a diner a few blocks from the police station around lunch time.

The diner itself is your typical greasy spoon, consisting of a long countertop with stools on one side and booths along wide glass windows on the other. The place is basically one large rectangle, with the door on one end, nearest the counter, and a square section on the other end with more booths, some tables, and the restrooms. The place will be busy during the lunch hour, and James will be sitting by himself in a booth about halfway down the diner. You may wish to have your players make Perception checks as they enter. On a 10 or better, they'll notice two things: Jakob Young sitting by himself in the back and a group of four men sitting in the booth nearest the door. On a 15 or better, they'll notice that no one else seems to be paying much mind to the fact that there's a dirty street person (Jakob, of course) sitting in diner with them, and that the four men in the booth are wearing suits that are about 50 years out of style (but which still look new). A very perceptive sorcerer might figure out that Jakob is using a very low-power Influence spell to make himself inconspicuous.

Once introductions are made, James will want to get right down to business. He'll want to know who the PCs are, what they have to do with William, why they came to him, and what they want. He will also want to see the letter as well. Once the players show it to him, he will be able to translate it. Basically, the letter gives directions to a hidden map. James will explain that, according to the letter, William made a map detailing all the sacred places of power throughout the southwest. According to William, control of these places was the key to defeating the enemies of the Indian peoples and restoring their lands. He hoped that, in the future, his descendants would be able to use this knowledge, and so he included directions with the letter leading to the hiding place of the map.

This letter will be of tremendous interest to James, but at the same time he'll be suspicious of the PCs. As far as he can tell, the letter seems authentic, and so he'll want to know how the PCs came by it. So long as the players don't burst straight out with wild tales of the secret war he will treat them with open-minded skepticism. Unlike most, James won't dismiss the PCs out of hand. His background as a shaman and the stories he grew up with have taught him that there is more to the world than most people think. Still, he is a part of the modern world, and tales of global conspiracies and time-travel will do nothing to reassure him of the players intentions.

At some point during the conversation, Jakob Young will approach the table, a smile on his face and his hands up and palms forward in a gesture of peace. After introducing himself, he will explain that he couldn't but help overhearing the group's discussion. He will then offer his services as a local guide. If the players ask what his interest is, he will make cryptic statements alluding to the secret war. He will be evasive if asked which faction he serves, declaring instead that his interests and goals are the same as those of the players, and that he only wishes to help. If rebuffed, he will be persistent, going so far as to express concern for the players safety and security in this undertaking without the benefit of an expert guide. Eventually he will give up and cheerfully express his regrets, though not before stating that he's sure they'll meet again. Unless the PCs attack him outright, he will not fight with them under any circumstances. Observant players should also note the men in suits leaving soon after Jakob does. Any attempt to tail either of them should fail automatically, although the PCs may get a glimpse of the men in suits leaving together in a black sedan.

If James has been hesitant to accompany the PCs up to this point, this incident should convince him otherwise. Jakob will give him an unsettling feeling that he can't quite put his finger on. While he will still be skeptical of the situation, he'll be convinced that enough is going on to warrant his participation. He'll give the PCs an address and time at which to meet him, suggest they get some outdoor gear, and tell them he'll meet them tomorrow to go find the map.

Jack Marko leaned back casually in the booth, his right hand on a glass of half-finished whiskey, his left arm loosely slung over the top of his seat. He seemed to be looking down at something unseen on the floor, and a smile played at the edge of his lips, as if he was recalling an old, private joke. He spoke without looking up.

“Why don't you just make this easy on all of us,” he asked? “You have something I want. It's not a question of whether or not I will get it, it's simply a matter of how. I'd rather not have to do this the hard way, but I will if I have to.” He looked up. “Accept that fact, and you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.”

“Is that a threat,” Paul asked? His hand slipped down to his waist inside his jacket. If Marko noticed, he gave no indication that he did so.

“Threat, promise, the facts of life, call it what you will,” he said. “It's simply the way things are. Don't fight it, you'll only regret it if you do.”

Scene Two: The Hotel Bar

The setting of this scene largely depends on what your players do after their meeting with James Redfeather. If they check into downtown hotel, this can take place in the downstairs bar, assuming they go to get a drink. More likely than not, however, you'll have to get the players there yourself. Have a mysterious, unsigned letter arrive for the PCs at their hotel, asking them to meet in the downstairs bar that evening (or in a hotel bar that evening, if the place they're staying isn't fancy enough to warrant its own bar). Of course, the players could chose to ignore this letter, in which case you can skip directly to the next scene.

The letter was sent by Jack Marko, who will be waiting for the PCs when they arrive at the bar. He'll call them over to his table and offer to buy drinks. With the formalities out of the way, he'll begin discussing the letter. He wants it for himself, and he's willing to pay quite handsomely for it. Of course, he won't reveal who he really is or why he wants it, and if pressed he'll simply say that the matter is none of their concern. He will, however, let on that it would definitely be in the PCs best interests to cooperate with him. He'll remain friendly and smiling during the whole conversation, but he'll also let the group know that they're in over their head. Assuming the players don't relent, he'll finally shake his head in disappointment and leave his card with the group, just in case they change their mind.

Marko himself is not armed, but he does have a few men scattered about the bar. He won't call on them unless he is attacked directly, at which point he will try to exit quickly and quietly while his men cause a diversion, after which the police and hotel security will intervene and arrest the players. You can use the stats for the BuroMil Agents to represent his men, but in truth there shouldn't be a fight here unless you (or the players) really want one. Note that no matter what the players do, the rest of the evening will pass without incident. Marko, Brucher, and Jakob Young all realize that trying to get the letter now would be a wasted and noisy effort. They're all content to follow the PCs instead.

Scene Three: The Cave

When the players meet up with Redfeather the next day they'll find him ready to go. He'll be waiting with a jeep, and he'll be dressed in rugged outdoor clothing. Among his possessions are spelunking equipment, basic outdoor gear, his Remington 870 (just in case), and a leather shoulder bag filled with a variety of fetishes and other ritualistic components. He'll also have told the PCs what to bring, including another jeep, so this shouldn't be a problem. The letter will lead the PCs far off the beaten track, out to a old ghost town so deserted it doesn't even have a name. The town sits in a sort of valley in the foothills of the Organ Mountains, with the road running east/west through it. There are about half a dozen buildings on either side of the road, all abandoned and falling apart. Drifting tumbleweeds, cattle skulls, and the like complete the picture. James tells the group that, according to the letter, the map is hidden in a cave in the hills on the southern side of the town. The hills are only accessible by foot, so he suggests leaving the vehicles in the town and proceeding on foot.

You can make locating the map as difficult and suspenseful as you want, including cave-ins, rockslides, rattlesnakes, and treacherous footing if you wish. Eventually, however, the group should find the cave with the map, which takes the form of a small shrine. At this point, James will ask the PCs to stand back. He will then begin a ritual to contact the spirit of William. If his Summoning task check is successful (or if you want it to be successful), the ghost of William will appear in the cave. He will congratulate James on his success and thank him for heeding his words. He will then relate his story briefly (i.e., the backstory given at the beginning of this adventure), and then warn James of the power and the evil of his enemies. Finally, he will exhort James to continue the fight for his people and for justice, and he will issue one last word of warning that his enemies are already upon him, and that he must be both brave and careful.

Whether or not you decide to do the meeting with William's spirit, Jakob Young will appear soon after the players find the map. He's been tailing the group all day, but you should not allow them to spot him until now. He once again offers a friendly greeting and his assistance. This time, however, he warns the PCs the town has been occupied by agents of the Buro, who are waiting for the their return. However, he points out, they aren't waiting for him. He suggests that the players give him the map so that he can get it to safety. Unfortunately for him, this is about all the subtlety he can manage. He'll refuse to answer questions about himself or who he serves, merely repeating that he wants what the PCs want: to get the map to safety. In his mind, the players are expendable, and he certainly won't help them fight the Buro. When the players refuse his help, he'll become shrill and agitated and begin making threats. Finally, he'll tell the players that if they won't give him the map, then they can keep it — forever. He'll then use his blast schtick to destroy the roof in front of them, trapping them in the cave. Note that if the players attack him, he'll do the same. If they even try to approach him, he'll warn them off and then blast the ceiling if they don't back off. At any rate, you should allow Jakob to get away for now (though you can let the players wound him). The cave-in will keep the players trapped for about an hour while they dig themselves out. Even if they have a sorcerer of their own, it will take at least a few minutes to clear out the rubble, by which time Jakob will have made his getaway.

Scene Four: The Ghost Town

When the PCs head back to town they'll discover that Jakob wasn't lying about one thing: Major Brucher has shown up with his men, and they've occupied the town. Specifically, they've blocked off either end of the town with their sedans, 10 in all, 5 at each end of the road. There will be about 10 men around each group of cars, standing guard. The remaining 20 will be spread out around the town, by doorways, on balconies, on walkways, and on the roofs of the buildings, 10 to each side. If the PCs left their vehicles in town, there will be a few guards around them as well.

How things proceed depends largely on the players. James will point out that, without their vehicles, they have no way of making it back to civilization. The guards are watching every direction, but this also means that there are no more than a few of them focusing on any one particular area. Unless they're very obvious and clumsy, the guards probably won't notice them in the hills, giving them the advantage of surprise. The guards only have a Perception rating of 5, but there isn't much cover between the hills and the town. PCs who want to try to sneak past the guards must make an Intrusion check with a difficulty of 8 to avoid being spotted. There is, of course, plenty of cover in town.

Of course, the PCs could try to negotiate with Brucher or, worse, they could be spotted by his men. If the latter happens, they'll immediately open fire on the PCs (they are Buro-trained, after all), which will probably force the situation anyway. Otherwise, Brucher is not very interested in negotiation, and his terms are very simple: turn over the map, and you'll be allowed to leave. He's lying of course — he has no intention of letting the PCs live — but he's also bluffing to some extent. He knows that the hills offer a lot of shelter, cover, and places to hide, and that if the PCs decide to hole up in them he has little chance of flushing them out. If the PCs point this out to him, he'll threaten to let them stay there until they starve — after all, he's got their vehicles. He'll only send his men after them as a last resort.

Battle in the Town — Part 1

Ideally, you want to get your PCs to go on the offensive. If they seem hesitant, have James pointout that, although outnumbered, the troops are also trying to cover every approach, and thus are spread thin and unable to effectively cover each other. The group also has the element of surprise on their side as well. Of course, you should only bring this up if the players don't come up with all this themselves. Assuming they do, the battle breaks down into three parts, with each part beginning a sequence or two after the last one. The first part occurs when the players decide to attack the town.

Neat Things That Could Happen — Part 1

The fight was not going well for Tsung. He had picked out the commander of the unit early on and had gone after him. His legs bicycle-kicked through the air as he flew across the street, his kii-yaaah rising above the din of gunfire. The first kick has landed squarely on the man's chest, but instead of being knocked backward he had reached over with his left hand and grabbed Tsung's leg with a vice grip. He swung the martial artist aside with one arm, slamming him into the windsheild of one of the jeeps, which shattered under the impact. Now Tsung dodged as the deadly arm swung at him again, leaving a deep dent in the metal frame of the jeep where it had struck.

Suddenly, a thunderous roar split the air, drowning out all other sounds. The two combatants both momentarily ceased fighting and turned to look for the source of the sound. At that moment, a motorcycle leapt above them as it cleared the jeeps, sending them both tumbling. The bike hit the ground with an angry screech and spun around. It's rider brought his arms up, a submachinegun in each hand, and opened fire.

Battle in the Town — Part 2

The second phase of the battle occurs once the players have mixed it up with the BuroMil agents. At this point, the Reapers will come thundering into town on their motorcycles, with Jack Marko in the lead. The Reapers will attempt to leap or go around the cars blocking the entrance to the town (you can have them come it at either end). Their instructions are simple: find the PCs (the ones not wearing suits), find the map, take it, and kill anyone who gets in their way. Ironically, the BuroMil agents will stop attacking the PCs (unless, of course, they're fighting indoors or in hand-to-hand combat) to attack the Reapers, as they will perceive them as the greatest threat by dint of their numbers. The Reapers will, of course, return fire (there should still be some left over for the PCs). Marko will go after the character with the map first and foremost. If this isn't obvious, he'll go after whoever looks like the biggest threat.

Neat Things That Could Happen — Part 2

Battle in the Town — Part 3

The third part of the battle takes place when things have gotten good and messy. By now a lot of mooks should have been taken out, and all the PCs should be in the thick of it. At this point Jakob will appear on one of the hills overlooking the town (though the PCs may be too busy to notice him). He has a scroll with a very powerful summoning spell given to him by the Lotus, which he will proceed to use. This spell will call forth the spirits of all the dead surrounding the town to serve him. In this case, this will take the form of a group of spectral Indians on horseback, who will come charging into town through the hills, and a second group of skeletal cowboys, who will literally rise up out of the ground in the middle of the town. The undead mooks will attack everything living in the town until either they or everyone else are completely destroyed.

Spectral Indians (20)

Bod 5, Chi 0, Mnd 0, Ref 6.
Martial Arts 7, Riding 7, Guns 7.
Damage Immunity — Bullets, Insubstantial.
Spear (9), Bow & Arrow (10).

While on horseback, the difficulty to hit these ghosts is 9, and they do not have a −2 penalty for fighting while riding.

Skeletal Cowboys (20)

Bod 6, Chi 0, Mnd 0, Ref 5.
Martial Arts 7, Guns 7.
Winchester shotgun (10/5/2), Colt revolver (10/2/6).

Once the attack begins, the BuroMil agents (if any are left) will stand their ground and fight, while the Reapers, who aren't prepared for this, will likely flee. James Redfeather will immediately try to disengage himself from the battle and attempt a Banishment spell, which will automatically fail. He'll explain that the spell is too strong, and the only way to banish the undead is to get a hold of the scroll, with which he can reverse the spell. Of course, the PCs could just hold their ground and fight, but by this time they should be wounded, and their bullets won't be effective against the Spectral Indians. What's more, if Marko and/or Brucher are still alive, they will go after the map to the exclusion of everything else.

Jakob will be up on the hill, surveying the battle. Naturally, he will defend himself when the PCs approach. He cannot, however, summon the ghosts to defend him (they can only be set to one task), and he won't flee either (he has to keep the ghosts in sight to maintain the spell, and he wants the map). He'll try to avoid blasting the PCs directly because he doesn't want to accidentally fry the map. Instead, he'll try to blast the ground out from underneath them. Once James has a hold of the scroll, he can undo the spell and banish all the undead. If the PCs are hard pressed, you can simply rule that killing Jakob or destroying the scroll is enough to do the job.

Finishing Up

Once the bad guys are dispatched the adventure is pretty much over, but you should find it easy to develop things from here. If Marko, Brucher, or Jakob escapes they'll continue to go afterthe map. If they fail, then eventually they'll be back with a vengeance. The PCs should end up with the map, but what will they do with it? It shows the locations of all the major Feng Shui sites in the Southwest. Will they take advantage of this information? What about James Redfeather? The fight will convince him that something big is going on, but not necessarily that there's a secret war going on throughout time. He may decide to join the PCs, or you may have him call on them in the future. Don't think of this as a complete adventure in and of itself, but as a springboard for future stories.