Fortress of Shadow

Feng Shui is a role-playing game set in the universe of the Shadowfist collectible card game. Players are plunged into a world of blazing firepower, razor-edged steel, and deadly kung-fu.

Both games take their inspiration from the high-velocity action movies of Hong Kong.

The Fortress of Shadow is your gateway to the world of Hong Kong cinema and the Feng Shui RPG.

What's New

Sunday 21 November 2004

After a long summer dry spell, my Feng Shui group is playing again, and I have new material for the site. I've started with a revamp of the Playing Tips, including some new ones for the GM.

Saturday 10 April 2004

Brian Rogers just sent me It's Abominable!, a collection of ten new Arcanowave schticks for the Architects to unleash on your players… or for your players to unleash on the Architects. Thanks, Brian!

Wednesday 31 March 2004

The Fortress of Shadow Is Back!

David Eber's Fortress of Shadow web site was one of the best Feng Shui resources on the net, until it died along with its service provider back in 2002.

A few months ago, while Googling for David's contact info, I found someone's link to the original Fortress of Shadow site archived on I downloaded everything I could, purely for my own GMing use.

After cleaning up the old HTML and simplifying the layout, I realized I was missing only a few graphics — If I had the permission, I could put the entire site back online.

Some more digging turned up David Eber's whereabouts, and he graciously consented to re-floating the site on the condition that the Shadowfist section remain buried. Fair enough, considering how behind the times it had fallen in three years. (There are plenty other Shadowfist sites out there, anyway.)

I'm still tidying up around here, but I'll eventually start adding my own material, mostly to the Feng Shui section (Mr. Eber's HK film collection dwarfs my own).

The Fortress of Shadow is back for seconds!

— Kevin J. Chase

Regarding Copyrights

The original Fortress of Shadow was a collection of works by many contributors. I've kept all original author credits intact, but have not contacted those authors since re-floating the site.

If I'm using your material and you want it back, just email me and I'll remove it, no questions asked. Put “Fortress of Shadow” in your email's Subject: line so I can separate it from the spam.

Friday 27 February 2004

Under new management. More to come.