This is not a comprehensive list of sites. It's a list of sites I think are fun or useful to Feng Shui and Shadowfist players. I try to avoid sites that are clearly out of date. (This plagues Shadowfist fan sites especially.)

Feng Shui

Atlas Games
The website for the company that produces Feng Shui. Check here for all the latest information on upcoming releases.
Comrades in Arms
Feng Shui translations of characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, and comics. (Don't miss their rules of engagement for an A-Team campaign.) Also links to conversion rules from Rifts, Torg, and Star Wars d6.
Deep Dark Nasty, The
Feng Shui meets Call of Cthulu, for those of you who like madness with your mayhem.
Durrell, Bryant
Bryant Durrell's site has loads of fan-created material, GM resources (including character sheets, GM advice, and setting material), and house rules. This site is a must for anyone seriously interested in Feng Shui.
No longer updated.
Feng Shui & Cinematic Roleplaying
Steve Barr's site features a section on Hong Kong action combat, plus a few other things.
Feng Shui Star Wars
A series of homemade rules for converting the Star Wars d6 RPG into Feng Shui terms.
Feng Shui Conversion for Star Wars
Another Star Wars d6 to Feng Shui conversion.
Feng Shui Webring
Hosted by
Beware: pop-ups.
Genocide Lounge
David P. Blewer's Feng Shui section features adventures, feng shui sites, and new factions, schticks, and archetypes. Also the home of the Unofficial Feng Shui FAQ.
Jade Agenda
This site is loaded with all kinds of good stuff, including house rules, new archetypes, new fu, gun, creature, arcanowave, and creature schticks, and a lot more. One of the coolest Feng Shui sites on the Web.

It hasn't been updated since 1998, but it's still worth the visit. As an added bonus, you can download the site as a ZIP file for offline browsing.

Language Machines
Chris Pound has written several random name generators, including ones for Feng Shui characters and Kung-Fu schticks. (Anything that can come up with “blind virgin onslaught” rocks my world.) These pages generate another 500 names every 15 minutes.
Occasional Action Theatre
Not actually a Feng Shui site, but it does borrow heavily from the game. The 3D character artwork is good, but it's the stand-up cardboard mooks that you'll be using in your game.
Parker, Ethan
Some Feng Shui adventures and character sheets. Part of a larger site dedicated to anime, mecha, sci-fi, and RPGs.
Rible, Max
A site dedicated to alternate Feng Shui settings. Includes copious notes on Star Wars and High Fantasy Feng Shui, plus an alternate modern setting which allows anything from the World of Darkness to Cyberpunk.
Solberg, Brad
Brad Solberg's Feng Shui site has a very in-depth and lengthy analysis of fu powers, plus some new house rules. An excellent resource for anyone seriously interested in playing a fu-oriented character.
Triblade and Dragon
James Ojaste's site details his Feng Shui campaign. Features background material, a gallery of unusual guns, and plenty of fan fiction.


Official Shadowfist CCG site from Z-man games.
Z-Man Games
Publishers of Shadowfist.
Chimp Shack Card Database
Will Wagner's fast database of all Shadowfist cards, with a simple search interface. You can download the entire database as one large MySQL file.
Davidson, Andrew Stewart
Andrew's Retrofist is a coherent attempt to make the weak cards from early Shadowfist sets useful by adding rules text. His site also includes of snapshots of art for the never-produced Daedalus Throne War expansion (not to be confused with the published Z-man Throne War expansion).
Durrell, Bryant
Bryant Durrell's once-huge Shadowfist site is gone, but he left us his “Old School Shadowfist Ten Commandments” for those who don't like some of the recent Z-Man games rulings.

You can download the original site as a ZIP file for offline browsing. Someone at Wooden Men is hosting a copy of Bryant's site, mostly of interest for its creative efforts at this point.

Yahoo! Shadowfist Trading Group
The place to go if you want to trade Shadowfist cards with other players nationwide.
Flying Tricycle
A company that sells etched plastic counters in the shape of each faction's resource symbol for your Shadowfist game.
Beware: Java-heavy pages.
Hub, The
Home to a complete card database, which you can download as one large MySQL file. There's also the excellent Deck Center, where you can store your deck designs online for personal or public use (free registration required). Also home to the Hub Forum.
Secret HQ
A huge personal site notable mostly for its strategy articles, and its card reviews broken down by both faction and release. Both the strategy and the reviews depend somewhat on the San Francisco area's metagame.
Theatre of Noise
Robin Parmar's site is most useful for its strategy section, Secrets of the Masters, including Tripwire — rules newbies trip over.
Van Domelen, Dave
Silly cards, fan fiction (including some contest winners), and other odds and ends. He also has a few Feng Shui bits, including archetypes for Purist characters.
Vincent, Stefan
Stefan is a member of the Shadowfist design team, so his comments on game design alone are worth the visit. More such insights are scattered throughout the site, giving you a good feel for the game's history. Speaking of which, he's assembled summaries of the game fiction from each set. (Stefan wrote the official stories for Year of the Dragon and Throne War.) He also has help files for players, a complete card list (with binder placeholders), and plenty of fun stuff.


Alexander, Rob
King of the Fire Pagoda, Plasma Trooper, Netherworld Vet.
Benson, Melissa
King of the Thunder Pagoda, Gao Zhang, Draco.
Carrick, Paul
Scrounging, Ba-BOOM!, Earth Poisoner.
Daydream Graphics
Home to Brian Snoddy (Ting Ting), Quinton Hoover (Pinball Hall), and Randy Gallegos (Orango Tank).
Destini Productions Inc.
The Fantasy Art of Ed Beard (Sting of the Scorpion, Rhys Engel, Johnny Tso).
Frazier, Dan
Nerve Gas, $10,000 Man, Righteous Protector.
Organ-Kean, Margaret
Fortress of Shadow, Golden Candle Society, Marisol.
Thomas, NéNé
Queen of the Ice Pagoda, Masked Avenger, Sacred Ground.

Hong Kong Cinema

Hong Kong Movie Database
Now the sole home of the Hong Kong Movie Database, the single best resource for HK movies on the Web. The database features reviews and information on literally hundreds of HK movies of all kinds, and is invaluable for serious HK film enthusiasts. The site also has information on upcoming cinema and VCD releases, news, photos, and tons of special features too.
Happy Fortune Screening Room
This site is chock-full of movie reviews, and is well worth a look.
Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA
This the the site for the official Jackie Chan Fan Club, USA. It's got all kinds of Chan-stuff on it, including info on how to join.
Xena + Hong Kong Connection
Laura Irvine's site details the influences HK cinema has had on Xena: Warrior Princess, including side-by-side comparisons of Xena scenes lifted from HK movies.