Feng Shui Schticks

Arcanowave Schticks

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Helix Chewer

By Evan James

This large handgun (Concealment rating: 4) emits a beam of arcanowave energy that freezes and disrupts a portion the victims DNA makeup, temporarily causing pain to their cellular structure. For a number of shots equal to the Outcome of the attack, the victim cannot use any creature powers, sorcery, or transformed animal schticks.


By Colin Chapman

This looks like an insectoid grenade with a fleshy “button” pin. To fill it, you plug it into your AI/O port and make an Arcanowave check, Difficulty 6. The grenade has a resultant Str equal to the Outcome of the check.

When thrown at a foe it erupts just before impact, throwing a multitude of fleshy tendrils around the target, attempting to bind them with a Str as noted above. While bound, the target suffers impairment equal to the difference between his Str and the grenade's Str. If the Str difference is 5 or greater in the grenade's favour, the target is completely immobilised. Even stronger targets suffer 1 point of Impairment.

The grenades bind their target for a number of sequences equal to the Str difference in the grenade's favour, or at least 1 sequence if the target is stronger. The target may attempt to escape, using an entire sequence, by making a successful Str check against the grenade.

There is a mystic link between the character filling the grenade and the grenade itself; if anyone else attempts to throw a web grenade, it is a dud. The character who buys this schtick starts the game with 6 grenades. Targets may Dodge the grenade as normal.

Gun Schticks

Hail of Bullets

By [Unknown]

HK cinema often shows scenes of a gunman pumping bullet after bullet into a single opponent at close range, making sure that he goes down and stays down. Hail of Bullets allows you to simulate this effect. This schtick comes into play after you have successfully hit a named character with a gunshot. You may shoot at the same character again on the next shot, and may continue to do so on successive shots as long as each shot hits it's target. However, each shot after the original hit adds a cumulative −1 penalty to your Action Result, so that the original shot would be made normally, the next at −1, the third at −2, and so on. You can offset this penalty by buying mulitple schticks in Hail of Bullets. Each schtick purchased after the first reduces the penalty by 1. For example, a character with three schticks in Hail of bullets would attack with no penalty on the first, second, and third shots, and would then have a −1 penalty on the fourth shot, −2 on the fifth, and so on.

Hail of Bullets can also be combined with Both Guns Blazing. However, while the bonuses from BGB will offset the penalties of HoB, the reverse is not true. For example, a character with 4 schticks in BGB (+1 AV bonus) and 1 in HoB (no penalty reduction) would be at +1 for the first shot, no modifier for the second, −1 for the third shot, and so on. Conversely, a character with 4 schticks in HoB (3 point penalty reduction) and 1 schtick of BGB (−2 AV penalty) would be at −2 on the first, second, third, and fourth shots, −3 on the fifth shot, −4 on the sixth shot, and so on. Of course, this only applies if the character is using two guns simaltaneously.


By [Unknown]

You maintain a level of cool in a gunfight that is almost supernatural. Icewater flows through your veins, and you can avoid gunfire seemingly without effort. While others duck and dive for cover, you seem to simply sidestep the bullets. Friends and enemies alike speak in respectful tones about your prowess. They say you're untouchable.

Characters with one or more schticks in Untouchable can retroactively add +3 to their passive dodge value after a ranged attack has been made against them, effectively turning a sucessful attack into a failure. It's as if the character had actively dodged, except that it's a passive dodge, and thus no shots are subtracted from the character's next action.

Characters may use Untouchable once per sequence for each schtick they have purchased in this area, up to a maximum of five schticks. Remember, this schtick only works against ranged attacks, and only when passively dodging. It may not be combined with other schticks that increase your dodge rating.